The Cost of Disobedience

“The cost of disobedience to our conscience will always be unsustainable

Using common sense and a moral compass, J.D. Sharp has written a book to bring attention to the unsustainable divisions we have in our country.  In ‘Abortion the True Cost to America‘, he points out the heavy costs we as a country are paying for our lack of a consensus on major issues such as abortion.

Taking a long hard look at what divides us as citizens, J D has found that a moral wrong perpetuated and tolerated is the centerpiece.  Much like slavery, we have a group of people, (the unborn), being treated as if they are of lesser value than other humans.  Like slavery it threatens the core of our Republic.

Hard to deal with but answerable questions have been substituted for soft unanswerable questions with a quick fix.  To be more specific, the narrative on abortion has fixated on a question humans cannot answer with certainty; when does life begin?  The quick fix is the abortion of the unwanted child.

The answerable question, (does life exist at abortion?), can be answered by anyone with an honest conscience.  We know what’s being aborted is human and alive.  What we have refused to deal with is; does a woman’s right to privacy trump her child’s right to live?

We must decide as a people with overwhelming agreement, the answer to the following question.  If a human life is dependent on another human for survival; does that human have the right to terminate the dependent life?

The history of our nation’s character has always had the willingness to die for the right to live; that through life one may have liberty to pursue happiness.



The Grand Experiment


The Grand Experiment: The United States of America
At the time of our country’s birth, the idea that people could actually rule themselves had never been given serious thought, much less tried on such a large scale. Throughout recorded history, it was known among the elite of mankind that the earth was flat, drilling holes in a person’s head would relieve their headache, and masses of people must be ruled by those of superior status.
People doing the right things without being told what to do or think could not possibly work. If it did work, it would mean all men were equal, and all men being equal would allow them to pursue their own interests and dreams regardless of their bloodline.
The pundits of this experiment were all expecting this grand scheme to fall apart as soon as hardship came upon the people, but the people of this country…

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“Abortion the true cost to America”

abortion the true cost to americaIntroduction

The following chapters are an attempt to bring light upon the price we as a country are paying for abortion. To be more specific; our lack of a decisive and conclusive path for unwanted children.  From a country united by freedom for all to a nation divided by moral decay, we the people, find ourselves paralyzed by the infectious disease of self-interest.

The questions associated with abortion in our country must be answered to the satisfaction of the overwhelming majority.  Men and women, young and old, of every race, creed, and financial status, must know and accept the consensus our alliance of citizens has adopted.  In 1972, the Supreme Court of the United States made a halfhearted attempt to lay the foundation for such a consensus.  By putting a woman’s right to privacy above the baby’s right to live, they did little more than create the recipe for the destruction of this great nation.  Fixated on a question they cannot answer, (“When does life begin?”), they have successfully opened the door to the genocide of American children.  This book has been constructed upon the foundation of a more pointed question:…..

“Does human life exist at abortion?”